Flex Signs: Far reaching and Cost Effective

Outdoor advertisement refers to the methods of advertising a product outside in the market for the wide array of people to see. One of the preferred and cost effective form of outdoor advertisement seen across the globe is through Flex signs. Flex signs are large banners and brightly lit posters used for branding. These are especially  campaigns and promotions of products and events. The intention is simply to increase the awareness about the content.

Flex Signs: A cost effective and far reaching solution

We have come across tons of flex signs across cities flashing and waving at us to catch our attention. These signs are made of high quality flex that are printed by high end flat bed printers. These allow inclusion of high-quality photographic images and complex graphics. These signs can be both nonlit or lit using leds, tubelights or halides.

Flex Signs can be dynamically used in the following ways:

Flex Signs as Billboards or Banners

The most attractive and eye-catching way to advertise a product is a large billboard. It is a large advertising structure found on the sides of a busy road. Billboards or Banners are located at a considerably high place but low enough for understanding. At night these billboards are often provided with lights that enable advertising throughout the day and night.

Street furniture:

This form of advertisement refers to the banners or posters stuck on the street furniture that catches the eye of every customer that uses the street furniture.

Vehicle Banners:

This form of advertisement refers to the banners or posters displayed on vehicles such as buses, trucks, trolleys etc. These garner lot of attention being a moving advertising medium.

Sky writing

This advertising method involves balloons, posters, and airplanes which are lifted in the sky for a wide array of people to witness.

Advantages of using Flex Signs:

1. Flex banners are very versatile and thus can be used for variety of purposes.

2. These can be front-lit, backlit, block out and with black/grey back therefore are more adaptable to brand requirements.

3. Based on the requirements like event promotion, product launch, or roadside billboards customers can choose the type of flex and  lighting arrangements.

4. Cost effective and thus can be useful in achieving both short term and long term objectives.

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