Metal signage never goes away, definitely here to stay…

Among all, metal is the old method which is now making a comeback. After the advent of new-age substrates such as PVC or sunpack, sunboard, acrylic etc, metal had lost its shine. However, there are few PSPs (process solutions programs) across India who are aggressively promoting metal-based advertising boards. These PSPs say that there are many advantages of using metal as a substrate for display boards. The display boards with vibrant color/designs, placed at Point of Sale or even at public places, bring quick impact and at the same time last long.

Polyethylene is sandwiched between two layers of aluminium sheets to create a sturdy sheet referred to as an Aluminium Composite Panel or ACP. These ACP sheets can be effectively used for facades, wall signs and directional signs. ACP is weather resistant so it tends to last long. It can be router cut thus being flexible. LEDs are fixed to achieve glow effect.

Metallic signages give a classy and sleek look to signage. Aluminium, SS (stainless steel), brass or gold steel are laser cut into desired shapes and halo lit. Metal signage are dust, water and weather resistant to some extent. Powder coating can be added to resist corrosion. Thereby metal signages are definitely making a comeback.

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