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In recent days, one of the most trusted forms of bringing a commodity to light in the market is an advertisement. Advertisements ensure the sale of the product which leads to revenue generation. They can be categorized into indoor , outdoor and online types of advertisements. Pioneer Corporation offers solutions to clients in all the mentioned forms of advertising. Vinyl graphics is one of the most popular advertising methods for indoor as well as outdoor purpose . It advertises a product or service as well as communicates the corporate image. Lets have a wider look at the different varieties of graphics.

Vinyl Graphics come in solid colors as well as printable forms


Types of Graphics

1. Window graphics: Printed vinyls are usually combined alongside a retail fascia signage and effectively brand any shop front. Bright colours, schemes and effective texts make window graphics compelling and attractive.

2. Frosted films : Frosted films create unique advertising appeal by use of the popular ‘etched’ effect. These help to soften wide expanses of glass. Frosted films and one way vision films are used creatively to provide privacy as well as offer aesthetics to shops, restaurants, hospitals, offices or conference rooms.

Frosted films offer privacy

3. Wall graphics: Printed, solid or textured vinyls are used to enhance the decor of office or retail outlets and create an attractive ambience. Use of 3M, LG or Avery media ensures long lasting results. Large bed printers from HP, Epson or Rolland are the most preferred choices in the market to print graphics on to the vinyl media.

Wall graphics can be used to cover walls with texture as well as printed texts or images

4. Flex Signs as used in banners and hoardings:  These announce upcoming events or latest achievements of organizations. They are short – term yet efficient communication tools. Banners and Hoardings attract huge attention when mounted at heights, across roads, over buildings, as flyers or flags in malls thus leading to higher brand appeal

Flex are effectively used as hoardings to communicate presence of brands

Advantages of  Graphics

Wall Graphics For Promotional Marketing

Eye catching artwork that is full of imagination and vibrancy attract attention. Wall Graphics are a great way of advertising to increase sales displaying products, prices and punch lines to drive purchase.

Wall Graphics as Creative tools

Nowadays advertising on bus stops and billboards is not the only option. To garner attention unused walls and windows are also used creatively in shops or restaurants. Wall graphics are used creatively in various ways to display the brand’s products or services. They are gorgeous advertising tools that use varied colors and design to create a lasting impact.

Wall Graphics are Durable and Cost effective

Wall & window graphics are long lasting advertising tools. Pioneer Corporation takes immense care while pasting the wall graphics so that wall base is not damaged and the graphic is free of air bubbles. Graphics remain stuck to whatever surface they are placed on until forcefully peeled off. These can easily be taken of without much damage to the surface. Old designs and graphics can be replaced by new ones every year or so.

Why spend more on advertising and creating different ads when you can create just one and adjust it as per your requirement.

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