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Signage is one of the most essential tools to promote business. Branding and choice of raw materials can make or break a brand. In our earlier blog we had written about “The key perquisites of Signage” , so how does one decide which material to choose for one’s signage?

Signage can be broadly categorized into  External Signs and Internal Signs. Based on the purpose & positioning of the signage raw materials that will go into making the signage can be chosen.

Raw materials used for fabrication of signage are an important aspect of branding

Types of Raw Materials available to make signage

ACP Signage:

ACP or Aluminum Composite Panels are sturdy sheets made by sandwiching polyethylene between two layers of aluminum sheets. ACP sheets can be effectively used for facades, wall signs and directional signs. ACP is weather resistant so it tends to last long. It can  be router cut thus being flexible. Leds are fixed to achieve glow effect.

Acrylic Signage:  

These are one of the most versatile material thus can be molded into various shapes and sizes. These can be  lit and non lit. Acrylic signs form a major part of Retail signs, Hospital Signs, Malls or Quick Service Restaurants. Acrylics come in varied colors and are durable.

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Signage: 

Metals give a classy and sleek look to signage. Aluminum, SS , brass or gold steel are laser cut into desired shapes and  halo lit. Metal signage are dust, water and weather resistant to some extent. These can be powder coated to resist corrosion.

LED Neon Signage:

The latest trend in signage field is the use of flexible led neon tubes in desired shapes for logos or letters for branding. Led neon tubes come in varied colors and can effectively enhance any area with their brightness and appeal. Although these are more suited for internal branding, these can be enclosed in a protective external clear acrylic box for external purpose too.

Vinyl and Flex signage:

One of the most adaptable raw materials in the signage industry are flex and vinyl graphics. Flex signs can be used for facades, coming soon signs or promotional offers. Although flex is not weather resistant and need to be replaced continually such signs are one of the most cheapest options and widely used by businesses with small budgets. Vinyls can be used for vehicle promotion, internal branding, wall or window or as inserts in menu boards. Vinyls can be printed with any artwork and adequately promote businesses.

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