Tower Crane Signage: High reaching advertising techniques

Whoever thought some years back signage could reach as high as the tower cranes can go! The modern trend of advertising wherever space is available has brought forth the need to brand structures such as tower cranes that stand tall throughout the process of the construction of a particular project. Tower Crane signs are made of 3 D letters, flex and supported with ACP and metal frames.

The advantage of tower crane sign is manifold. The higher the signage goes the better the publicity. It is a win-win situation for the project brand, the signage manufacturing brand and also the builder.

There are however certain challenges involved in fabrication and installation of a tower crane signage. First of all we need to ascertain the purpose, the lifespan and strength of the signage. Another aspect of branding here is the choice of background and foreground colors since at huge heights bold neutral colors can make all the difference, fancy colors may not be effective communicators when the crane starts moving upwards. Besides color, font plays a pivotal role too. Stylish non- conventional low stroked fonts defeat the entire process of advertising; preferable fonts should be bold thick letters that could be equally compelling during both the day and night times.

There could be projects that could last for a good 5-7 years whereas other for a mere 1-2 years. When the timespan is lesser the material specifications can be as naïve as flex signs on metal frames The use of flex keeps the costs low. The signage stays for about an year or so if the weather conditions are not very harsh.

On the other hand longer projects and good budgets call for raw materials such as acrylics and Leds which are sturdy and can sustain difficult weather conditions for long periods of time.

We at Pioneer Corporation have undertaken installations at Gurgaon, Kochi and Mumbai for our client Leighton Contractors for various projects such as the DLF Camellias/ Hyatt Lulu, Tritvam etc.
We have been able to offer robust acrylic signs with 3 D letters in-lit with GE or equivalent brand Leds that have a life span of about 5 years or more. The signage is fabricated from brand specific acrylics. Subsequently metal frames and perforated ACPs make the  base to set these on. Perforation is a norm for signs that go to higher height to negate the wind pressure. The wind blowing at higher speeds pass through the perforations and the signage steers clear of it actual strength. This way it remains intact for a subsequent time. Pioneer Corporation has also used the technique of perforation for pole signs with great heights.

We fabricate tower crane signs at our factory based out of Gurgaon with astute workmanship under able supervision. Our team of expert installers install these signage on site. Strict security measures are adopted while climbing and affecting installations at such heights.

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