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Led Neon Tubes Signage

Replacing neon tubes with the naïve Led Neon Tubes or Led Neon Flex lights is the latest trend in the signage field. Gone are the days when neon tubes adorned the interiors or exteriors of retail stores and shop fronts. Neon tubes although add great appeal to the brand by calling out  for attention and inducing sale, in the long run require high maintenance.

How are Led Neons made?

Effectively made from molded plastic cover that house Leds inside them these signs look sleek and are easy to manage. These tubes consume lesser electricity and add a similar appeal in grabbing customer attention when placed expertly.

We at Pioneer Corporation in our drive to excel with latest technologies have adapted Led Neon Tubes to our customers’ needs. For a recent project for one of our clients’ brand Taco Bell, under the flagship of Burman Hospitality Pvt Ltd we used Led Neon Tubes. The store located in Connaught Place, New Delhi required us to install Led Neon tubes in the shape of their brand symbol “bell”.

Led Neon signage

Our team made an ms rusted base in the shape of “D” as per brand standard to place the bell atop. The tubes were traced and stuck to the base in the shape of a bell. The resultant structure was then hung from the ceiling. A unique riveting look was achieved for the store both during day and night. These tubes from Pioneer Corporation come with warranty. Our team is adept in securing and transforming the simple tube that comes in flexible rolls to various customized shapes, as desired by our clients.

Led Neon tubes not only cut electricity bills but these also give a unique look and feel to the brand. These garner customer attention when placed effectively as advertising tools. These tubes come in varied colors and are readily available. These are an ideal option for any brand recall symbol or shape.  However only limitation while using  led neon flexible tubes is that of the dimension. A minimum dimension is required to be able to intricately curve the tube along the desired shape.

So get in touch with us at Pioneer Corporation to get a hassle free solution for your Led Neon tubes requirements. Our team is always ready to assist you.

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