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Signage Fabrication: How are signs made?

Fabrication of Signage is the process of constructing products by combining typically standardized parts using one or more individual processes.

The entire process involves several steps:

  1. DESIGN: Once discussed with the client, the designs are generated on the computer.The paper drawings with actual measurements are then handed over to the fabricators.
  2. ROUTER CUTTING THE LETTERS: Designs developed on specific software are fed to the router. Specific sheets (different materials can be used here) namely, acrylic, aluminum, steel, wood etc as per the requirement of the end product, are fixed on the router machine bed. Next the letters are cut they are handed over to specific teams for the next level.
  3. METAL BASE: Bending and shearing machines are used to achieve different elements of the signage base.
  4. MOLDING OF LETTERS: The fabricators use the letters as made available from the router machine and mold these in to 3 D form. The metal letters are welded together whereas acrylic letters are glued together.
  5. MS FRAMES/WELDING AND PAINTING: The base of the letters thus achieved can be on mild steel frames, ACP, GI etc. MS pipes are welded together to achieve the frame structure. The frames are then primered and subsequently painted as per the color choice of the brand. Paint booths are utilized for painting the signage to give a finishing touch.
  6. FIXING LEDs INTO THE LETTERS: Best in class LEDs are fixed inside the letters to achieve glow effect. The LED wiring and lighting is done as per the drawing and standards provided by LED manufacturer so that uniformity and brightness can be maintained.
  7.  PASTING VINYLS:  As and when required, for example on logos or letters; vinyls are fixed as per the brand standards.
  8.  ASSEMBLING THE SIGNAGE: Once the base and letters are ready everything is assembled as per the design prototype agreed upon by the client and checked for quality and workmanship
  9. PACKAGING THE SIGNAGE: Once the signage is approved by our quality control department the signage are meticulously packed in wooden boxes.
  10. DISPATCH:  The final step is ensuring all the documents are in order, checked as per road/rail or air travel permission and loaded onto the vehicle for transportation of the signage to respective sites for installation.

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