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Trends in the signage industry

Increasing environmental and social awareness: A sense of social responsibility is on the rise. The current generation of businesses tend to look at perspectives, not just profits. More brands are introducing incentives, discounts, or donations toward ecological awareness and a general impact on the society.

Emerging digital signage with Artificial Intelligence (AI): Technology is continuing to progress as smart signs are becoming more available in the public sector -interactive kiosks are prevalent these days; digital signage and digital display counters with sensors, receptors and voice activation/ recognition systems can be incorporated to initiate consumer communication.

Keeping it simple: A signage should keep a basic-no frills attached themes as consumers are seeking a simpler approach to branding.

Utilizing fonts and designs of yesteryear: Off late the trend has been to use font styles that were in vogue in yesteryears. Usage of stylish but legible fonts is seen now a days- a way to help brands boost their existence by connecting to the past.

Digital donor wall: These are used to highlight the individuals and organizations that have contributed to an organization’s success. It’s a way to create visual profiles of key donors that incorporate company logos, photos and other interesting information. Inclusion of small yet conspicuous videos to bring forward the results of these donations — in terms of medical, educational and/or other socially relevant facilities. A Live Fundraiser on a video wall is a completely new thing on the block – a digital donor wall to run a forthwith, real-time fundraising drive. The list of contributors keeps popping up on the wall. The status of the completion of goal is right there amongst the viewers. This builds excitement and interest besides highlighting the main purpose of donation.

Impact of LEDs on the display of a signage: Most people visualize the huge LED’s displays as huge digital communication channels that shout out their messages, and in turn incites curiosity. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that LED technology has, more or less, revolutionized the world around digital signage and digital communication channels at large. The ease of assembling smaller fragments into a larger unit, it is now feasible to build screens in humongous proportions that had not previously been possible, or at least very complicated.

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