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Look before you leap…The essence of Mandatory Signs

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory Signs are signs that provide information, instruction or warning about safety, standard protocols or health. These signs are specific and to the point signs with bold colours to attract immediate attention. Mandatory Signs can be of the following types:

1. Prohibitory Signs: This kind of sign is one that prohibits against an action that may be dangerous. Prohibitory signs are characterized with a round shape, black pictogram on white background, red boundary and a diagonal line cutting the pictogram. Some examples of these signs are- No Smoking, Do not touch, No access to unauthorized persons etc.

2. Warning Signs: These signs  warn about a probable hazard. Warning signs are characterized with triangular shape, black pictogram on yellow background and black boundary. Some example of these signs are Flammable material, Radioactive material, Overhead load etc.

3. Mandatory Signs: These are signs that designate a specific behaviour. Mandatory signs are characterized with a round shape, white pictogram on blue background. Examples of these kinds of signs are: Eye protection must be worn, Safety boots must be worn, Safety harness must be worn etc.

4. Emergency Signs: Any sign providing information on emergency exits, rescue or first-aid can fall under this category.  Emergency signs are characterized with a rectangular or square shape, white pictogram on red/green background. Classic examples are: Emergency exit signs, Fire hose, way ahead arrows etc

We can clearly see that colours play a pivotal role in determining the type of mandatory sign. Usually such signs are either made of SS plates and or reflective vinyls. Since these signs are made as per the international standards they can thus be related to by anyone in any country except for the language used.

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