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Led Display Panels to Entice your customers!

We at Pioneer Corporation, recently installed Led display panels at the prestigious Bangalore airport terminal 2. The project was done for Level Up Sports Bar store for one of our most valued clients. The Led display panels used by us this time around had to be flexible as they were to be installed on two rows of round mild steel pipe structures.

The structure once finally delivered had to showcase two different video media on inside and outside panels.

The work was challenging and required much planning. The ms structure had to be perfectly designed to be able to hold multiple panels which had to play the videos synchronously and accurately.  

The structure was designed by our inhouse design team as per specifications required for the panels and was meticulously fixed onsite.

Next step was to install the panels, LED flexible panels were used for this purpose due to their versatility.

Some advantages of using LED flexible panels over normal advertising techniques are:

  • Flexible LED display panels have good resolution and pixel pitch range. These panels can be customized and bent to fit on any structure as required by the end user.
  • Flexible LED Screens can have wide range of uses spanning from exhibitions, restaurants, cinema halls, stages, or any other area where the customer can easily view the screens.
  • Best part is that these flexible LED screens can be customized to fit to any shapes as per the underlying structure.
  • These LED screen panels can be used creatively to display any video/audio content.
  • These are light weight can thus be moulded and customized to multiple shapes.
  • The content on the screen can be easily managed by the end user through a simple app over phone or computer.
  • The content can be changed with a click of button, this gives the end user more control in less cost in the long run.
  • LED display panels no doubt look more alluring when compared to the other conventional advertising tools.

After installation of the panels our team ran content on the panels to check if all was in place and the customer would face no challenge in future. The content displayed can range from usual texts to high-definition videos.

We at Pioneer Corporation are your one stop solution for all business advertising needs. Our in house facilities make it easier for us to have quality checks at various points so that the end product is delightful for the client.

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