Digital Signage: Functionality and Uses

As the world is changing towards being more technology driven, signage is also shifting from being traditional to digital. As discussed in our previous blogs, Digital Signage offers immense flexibility and advantage over conventional signage.
We shall now look at the uses and functionality these can be put to. Digital Signage can broadly be classified as follows:
1. Digital Signage wherein once the text is defined, there is not much change every day: these can easily run on pen drives or disk drives which have predefined software and data set. Such digital signage work as Digital Menu Boards oftentimes seen in restaurants, cinema halls or real estate companies. These are almost static in the sense that the data is changed less frequently. These signage do not require cloud based services and are easier to handle.
2. Digital Signage wherein data is mostly dynamic: these types run on cloud based services and require more technical expertise. The data once fed can be changed by the second through integrated remote systems. These signage appear more frequently at airports, hospitals or factory setup where data is dynamic and is thus pushed more often.

Digital Signage can be placed anywhere to grab the buyer’s attention, being internal or external. However based on the specific requirement with regards to visibility Digital Signage can be used as Menu Boards usually placed inside the premises, Information Boards placed inside or outside depending on the customer’s visibility or Bulletin Boards as seen at airports or hospitals. Some common uses of Digital menu Boards are as follows:
• Welcome information boards and directories for lobbies and floors as used in malls, hospitals, offices etc.
• Interactive touchscreen information boards or kiosks
• Wayfinding information displays used in malls, hotels, residential or commercial complexes.
• Room nos, Suite nos, patient/ procedural details as in hospitals and event information boards
Based on the kind of usage Digital Signage requires various hardware and software components. We at Pioneer Corporation believe in understanding the customers’ requirements and offering customized solutions based on their specific needs. This reduces the practice of bombarding the customer with information that is not required by him. So get in touch with us today so we at Pioneer Corporation can tailor make signage solutions as per your needs.

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